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  • School of Medical Sciences, Arts and Technology


School of Medical Sciences, Arts, Research & Technology



SLC Administrator: Todd Engle

SLC Lead: Anitha Alagala


SLC Description:


The mission of the School of Medical Science, Arts and Technology (SMART) is to create rigorous curriculum and a culture of learning that empowers and motivates students to achieve success in college and the real world. Students, parents, community, and staff will collaborate to form caring relationships that support student growth into mature, ethical and responsible members of society. Be SMART for life!




SMART provides it students with personalized, rigorous academic experience focused on health, science & technology to place students on career pathways that prepare them for postsecondary education while developing skills essential for employment in the health care and medical field.


SLC Goals:


1. Provide students with access to technology and skills in word processing, Power Point,

Excel and multimedia.


2. Provide all students with authentic learning experiences through thematic project based



3. Provide 10% of senior students with real world experience through internship during 2nd

part of the academic year.


4. Increase the percentage of students who are on-track to graduate.


Learning Outcomes:


1. Access and apply information to maximize skills to be competitive in a technologically evolving society


2. Develop collaborative learning and working habits that will strengthen professional and personal relationships


3. Communicate effectively in a variety of situations with people from diverse backgrounds


4. Access and apply information to maximize skills to be competitive in a technologically evolving society


Habits of Mind: 


1.       Questioning and posing problems

2.       Applying past knowledge to new situations

3.     Thinking flexibly


SMART Classroom Expectation:


1. Respect everyone and classroom property

2. Use polite language

3. Electronics turned off and out of sight

4. Be on task all the time

5. Be seated before tardy bell

6. LAUSD & MAHS behavior expectation will also be followed. 

smart Staff
  Anitha Alagala Teacher
  Ruben Alvarez Teacher
  Jose Barragan Teacher
  Michelle Becerra Teacher
  Natalie Beck Teacher
  Jactel Cabrera Teacher
  Andrea Contreras Teacher
  Daphne Duke Teacher
  Todd Engle Sys Admin
  Juan Espinoza Teacher
  Joshua Gronlund Teacher
  James Joyce Teacher
  kate lewis' Art Teacher
  Alejandro Ochoa Teacher
  Lee Ann Pilar Teacher
  Rose Pitts Teacher
  Alejandra Rodriguez Teacher
  Yubani Sosa-Pineda Teacher
  Max Tran SMART Counselor