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Freshman Preparatory Academy

FPA Mission & Vision

FPA Vision

The Steering Committee focused on establishing a collective vision of the FPA graduate. By responding to the prompt "What will FPA students be able to do and be upon entering the 10th grade?", Steering Committee members completed visual representations (see images on right) of our future 10th graders.

FPA Mission

The vision artifacts were presented to and analyzed by Steering Committee members for the purpose of identifying common themes. The Steering Committee relied on these themes to inform the mission creation process for the FPA.


Brief History of the Freshman Preparation Academy at Manual Arts High School

Established 2010, the first meeting of the Freshman Prep Academy Steering Committee convened in the library at Manual Arts High School. Responding to a call to action to create an appropriately rigorous and supportive environment in which our most vulnerable students – our incoming 9th graders -   would matriculate to the 10th grade, the FPA Steering Committee collaboratively developed the Vision and Mission of the FPA.



We support all 9th graders in becoming empowered, critical, and academic thinkers, communicators and problem solvers, who meet individual and collective goals with persistence and awareness of self and others.

  Jacqueline Adamescu Teacher
  Mellisa Alvarez Teacher
  Nora Artine Assistant Principal
  Guadalupe Bermudez Teacher
  Wallace Bias Teacher
  Anthony Brady Teacher
  Sterling Cross Teacher
  Jay Davis Teacher
  Vernon Dayton Teacher
  Vince Ha Teacher
  Jay Holderness Teacher
  Arthur Johnson Counselor
  Edith Rincon Teacher
  Jannette Serrano Teacher
  Boris Sobolic Teacher
  Donnie Walker Teacher