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SBAC Testing

Importance of Smarter Balance Testing

Here you will find an increasingly important resource in many aspects of education in that helps to ensure teachers, parents, and students have the accessibility supports needed for the Smarter Balanced assessments:

  1. Provide training, timelines and information to staff, students, and parents.
  2. Identify students who will benefit from Designated Supports, Accommodations, or both.
  3. Select the appropriate Designated Supports and Accommodations for each student identified.*
  4. Enter Designated Supports and Accommodations into test engine.
  5. Perform a pre-administration check of assigned access supports.
  6. Check for delivery of assigned Designated Supports and Accommodations at the time of test administration.

Accessibility is a core principle of the Smarter Balanced development process. The assessment system uses technology to deliver assessments that fit the needs of individual students. Assessment items and performance tasks will be associated with a variety of accessibility tools and accommodations that can be delivered to all automatically based on their profile.


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