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About Manual Arts

About Manual Arts


The stakeholders of Manual Arts High school commit to maintaining a nurturing learning environment in which teachers collaborate to develop rigorous, relevant learning opportunities for students.


Vision Statement

Manual Arts High School will prepare students to be successful, viable members of an ever changing global society.



Manual Arts School-wide Learner Outcomes

We at Manual Arts High School believe that in order for students to be college and career ready they must:

Think Critically

  • Apply problem solving skills and logical thinking to make informed decisions
  • Formulate opinions based on multiple perspectives and valid evidence
  • Negotiate situations outside of academic settings in order to participate in all aspects of social, economic, and civil endeavors

Oral and Written Communication

  • Develop collaborative learning and working habits that will strengthen professional and personal relationships
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of situations with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Access and apply information to maximize skills to be competitive in a technologically evolving society


  • Understand current conditions and act on the needs of society
  • Develop new ideas and inventions that shape future endeavors and make a difference within a global community
  • Utilize all possible resources, including creativity and talent, in order to be successful in both current and future careers

Life Long Learners

  • Develop the self-awareness and initiative required to thrive in a changing global market
  • Become steadfast learners who are motivated to continue educational and career pursuits
  • Establish a mindset of tolerance and open mindedness that leads to experiences and opportunities for self-improvement