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Senior College Checklist and Announcements

Senior College Checklist and Announcements

College application season has begun!



Community College-112

Due: deadlines  vary, check with each campus



California State University (CSU)- 23 campuses

Due: October 1st-November 30th



Note: Don't forget to apply to the Educational Opportunity Program(EOP) . Deadlines vary per campus.

Learn more about EOP: 



University of California(UC)- 9 campuses

Due: November 1st-30th   NOTE: application is available starting August 1st



Private Institutions - 75+ campuses in California

Due: deadlines vary, check with each campus


* if not available through common app, apply directly through the university











If you plan to apply to and attend a 4 year school, you must take the SAT/ACT by December.  Check back monthly to print and review the attached timelines.  These timelines will prevent you from missing important dates.




  • Request a letter of recommendation from at least 3 different adults on campus (i.e. teachers, administrators, counselors, employers, etc.)
  • Make a final list of school to which you will definitely apply for admission
  • Meet with your counselor to make sure you’re on track to graduate & fulfill college admission requirements
  • Create & Update a checklist of all of the admissions items required by each school; transcripts, application fees, test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, student aid applications, etc. Check off items as you complete them
  • Take/re-take college entrance exams prior to Dec. 31st. Obtain fee waiver information as needed. Remember: You must register 1-2 months in advance of the exam date
  • Listen to your school announcements for info about college representatives visiting your campus.
  • PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO DEADLINES and write them on your calendar(s)! Apply to colleges and Scholarships and Don’t wait until the last minute. Check back frequently for updates
  • Get a PIN at so you can apply and complete your FAFSA by Jan 1st - March 2nd priority deadline by visiting


  • If you are applying for Financial Aid via the FAFSA, encourage parents to get their tax info ready.
  • Consider your college options and compare financial aid packages. Seek assistance from EAOP or your counselor to help you understand your various awards/financial aid offers
  • Decide where you want to go to college and make a visit
  • Return award letters and send Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) along with any required deposits by May 1st notify all other’s of your decision
  • Tell your counselor where to send your final transcript
  • Make a photo copy and keep confirmation numbers for anything you have submitted

September Timeline