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College Preparatory Magnet


Since 1981, MAHS - College Preparatory Magnet students, faculty and staff have enjoyed an extended history of academic success while taking advantage of the close relationship Manual Arts HS has shared Celebrating a Century of Education with the University of Southern California.


Program Philosophy


Manual Arts High School – College Preparatory Magnet is:


1. A four year program offering exploration of career pathway in:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

2. A way for students to enhance their learning experience and prepare to rigorously compete at major colleges and universities throughout the country.


The teachers and staff of Manual Arts College Preparatory Magnet are committed to providing all our students with the necessary skills for not only the post-secondary learning experience but also the technologically changing and advancing career world.


Mission Statement:

The mission of College Preparatory Magnet program at Manual Arts High School is to prepare students to change their world positively. Magnet students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their academic and career goals, to compete successfully in the world market, and to be critical, analytical, life-long learners. 


Vision Statement:

Students will be active, engaged, and informed citizens to meet the challenges of a global society.



• To have a 100% graduation rate.

• To have 100% of our students apply and get accepted to a 4-year college, university, community college,     or join the armed forces.

• To have 100% of our students take at least one A.P. class and exam per year beginning at the 10th grade    level.

• To have the graduating senior class graduate with an average overall G.P.A. of at least 3.25.

• To have at least 50% of students score Proficient or above in C.S.T. in all core subjects.

• To have a 96% attendance rate.

Magnet Student Expectations and Norms:
College Bound High Expectations!

1.  Be on time and in your seat before the tardy bell rings.
2.  Aim for 100% attendance.
3.  No restroom passes.
4.  No electronics.
5.  No profanity, sexist, racist, homophobic remarks and other forms of bullying.
6.  Be in uniform at all times.
7.  No gum, food, or drinks in the classroom (except water.)
8.  Turn in all assignments on time.
9.  Maintain academic integrity at all times.
10. Actively engage in positive academic pursuits.


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Applebaum, Bari
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